Going with the flow, moving how it feels good to move

I have been struggling, not for long, and in the grand scheme of things not all that badly. 

Since Sunday, my stomach has felt AWFUL. Over the summer I discovered I have the perfect makings in my gut for an ulcer. Stress makes it worse. Acidic and spicy foods agitate and inflame my stomach. 

I preach a lot about balance. I have been eating really clean lately, I have been feeling really good in terms of my gut health, so I figured I could let loose a little bit. National Margarita day was amongst and I embraced it. Alcohol does not do my body good, however tequila is tolerable. In moderation. Without the margarita mix, top shelf expensive 100% Agave tequila even has prebiotic/probiotic properties. I can justify this occasionally… 

I also have been feeling a bit under the weather, feeling like I might be getting sick. One of the most medicinal tonics for a sore throat/cold/congestion is warm water with honey & cayenne pepper. I used to drink this each morning. Haven’t in a while because the lemon/cayenne combination irritates my stomach. 

I’ve been craving Brussel sprouts! My favorite way to eat them; sautéed with a sriracha-honey sauce. Sriracha is spicy & acidic. But I made that meal for myself several times in the past week. 

So in a matter of 10 days I managed to drink alcohol, lemon water with cayenne, & consume sriracha. 
All of my “letting loose” caught up with me Sunday. I started to feel discomfort, then Monday I was in excrutiating pain, and today I am feeling much better. Still painful but better. 

I find my stomach issues humble me.  Anytime I need a reality check in my life, as to what exactly I am grateful for, I tend to have a flare up. When my stomach flares up, I find it difficult to do anything but lay around. Immediately following the relief of a flare up, I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. I am grateful for every day that I am pain free, I am grateful for the ability to hop on my mat and do my yoga practice. 

This time around, it hit me. I haven’t been nourishing my body the way I know I can.  It’s ok to let loose from time to time, but balance. I enjoy a dish of brussel sprouts and sriracha-honey sauce, but I do not need to eat it for five days straight. I can enjoy a shot of tequila occasionally, but I need to be very mindful. It also hit me that I haven’t been to acupuncture since I moved to Colorado…I used to go every week! Acupuncture regulated my stomach, pms & endometriosis Symptoms. It manages my pain better than any pill ever can. I don’t know why I keep putting off what I know works for me. 
So, in light of my recent realizations, I woke up this morning feeling good and decided to roll with it. I put some reggae on, rolled out my mat and do every yoga posture and movement that I enjoy.

 A yoga session based entirely on how I was feeling and what I enjoy doing. Doing yoga that I love, the kind of yoga that I want to return to my mat and do over and over again. Yoga should always leave you feeling that way. If your practice leaves you feeling like you dread your next one, you’re doing it all wrong. 
Three weeks into my 37 day Strala revolution, and I think it’s all starting to click for me.


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