up & down & all around

Up & down& all around. The ability to be able to go with the ebb& flow of life really is like having a superpower & definitely not one I have mastered…but something I practice. I try. •

Sometimes life is so up! So good! Everything just feels perfect. Other times it can feel as though life is just crashing down and crumbling all around. Lower than low. •

Knowing that the highs are not permanent, & embracing that goodness while it’s around ::

Knowing that the lows are not permanent & this too shall pass :: •

cultivating ease & going with the flow through the practice of @stralayoga Has helped me to be easy, soft, moveable yet strong on my mat and off.

Instead of forcing a pose because I could do it yesterday so I should be able to do it today. But I can’t today and I suck and this sucks—> this translates directly into my day-to-day life :: well yesterday was a really good day and today isn’t as good and the whole world has gone to shit and I can’t do this. •

A shift in perspective :: I now play around, how do I feel today? Yesterday this movement was easy, go with that and enjoy the moment, today it’s not so easy, my body is tight and I am going to find a way to make this feel good today —> translates off my mat to :: today isn’t such a good day. How can I make it better? Where can I find a moment to breathe deeply. To feel grateful for the things I have and to let go of that which I have no control of….

Every day is different & “poses are arbitrary Way points” during a practice of movement.

The static and stuck highs and lows are arbitrary way points in the flow of life

be soft & ready for anything, for what today has to offer, maybe yesterday everything was so awesome! & today, everything is not so awesome but instead of being stuck in “not so awesome” maybe breathe and find some space to relax enough to know that this is temporary.

Let go. Let it all ebb and flow and just ride the current of life •


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