New Moon, New Me. It’s as easy as that…right?

” Stars, hide your fires. Let not see my black and deep desires.” -William Shakespeare


The new moon is here & I could use a reset.


The Problem

Lately I have been feeling down, low energy, and stagnant. I made a huge life change, quit all my “9-5’s” to pursue my passions as a yoga teacher & embark on the journey as a Stretch Therapist at massage envy…and let me tell you the freelance lifestyle is no walk in the park.

The first month was effortless. I was receiving private yoga clients, fully booked at massage envy, and teaching yoga.

The second month however, took a turn. It was shy, dwindling & fading…

Energetically, I was riding the wave of the high of “new.” New job, new life & that’s how easy it’s going to be. That’s how easy it felt. Then as my bookings became fewer, privates calling to bail at the last minute, bank account staring at me…my energy went down the drain with it. I hit a bump in the road and felt defeated. Started frantically searching for part time jobs online, to fill the void in my paycheck…just utterly panicking at the fact that business slowed down…

I began to second guess everything… doubting that I can make this work, thinking all of these dream crushing thoughts like insurance and loans and how will I ever do my taxes the right way?! Can’t someone just do it all for me? Can’t I just take the easy road, get a 9-5 with benefits, file my one tax document…and be done. coast…exist in the working world with no drive or passion, simply clock away time to rack it up in the bank.

“What you think about, you bring about. What you bring about, will grow.”

Stop. Stop right there. If you are reading this and you are thinking any of those destructive, deprecating, doubtful thoughts about you, your self, your path…just stop.
Thinking like that will get you know where. Nothing will get accomplished and all you will become are those thoughts.

What I wasn’t prepared for, what I didn’t foresee was the reality of the up & down of being self employed. I was prepared to cruise. I was ready to sit back and let destiny unfold before my eyes and walk this path to excellence with ease…

& I can still do that. I was still make everything I want happen, with ease & grace & luck. But I can also shift my perspective. I can also put the work into weaving and creating my web of life, I can be proactive & commit fully to this journey. Don’t waiver and shake at the sight of trouble, but rise above and carry on. Work through and continue to create, weave, build & manifest the life you want. Nothing worth having ever comes easy…you can proceed with ease & peace & a calm, clear mind…but their will be twists and turns. Trust. The universe has your back. Learn to work with yourself; you will have plenty of obstacles on the way, try not to let your self be one of them.

“Excellence must be cultivated. Daily.”

The next step

The first step to solving the problem is admitting you have one.

Hi, my name is Sarah Werkin & I get anxious and depressed when things do not  go according to plan.

So, I can sit here and sulk or I can take action. I consulted the runes :

Runes are an ancient Nordic system of divination. Like palmistry, tarot cards etc. rune casting is used to obtain a sense of insight & direction.

I am still learning the runes and becoming acquainted with their messages, but I have been dabbling for a little over a year… they set me straight when I need them.

FullSizeRender 3

Amethyst for intuition.

Selenite for protection.

Black Kyanite for voice & truth.


burn a purple candle for wisdom, business & higher knowledge.

My question was regarding the current career path I am on. Nothing but the truth was revealed.

The runes identified the problem within me that I described above, Offered me advice, & a result that is likely to happen if I follow the advice of the rune cast.

  • use your intuition
  • don’t fade away at the first sign of difficulty
  • you are supported on your path
  • relax. trust. let go.
  • you are completely capable of accomplishing your goals
  • get out of your own way
  • strengthen your intuition more; meditate. seek silence & alone time
  • create. build. study. work—do what you need to draw in abundance

Sometimes, reading for yourself isn’t enough. It’s nice to have a third party-un biased perspective to seek insight.

I contacted Raven Rose of Moon Medicine . I met her through Ritual Cravt my favorite local metaphysical store. She is a woman’s health herbalist, tarot reader & so much more.



“Here I go again, I see the crystal vision…”

All of my problems and advice and potential outcomes spread out on this silk blue cloth. Ready to be interpreted.

I received much the same information from this reading as I did the rune cast.

I need to cut ties with all thought patterns and actions that do not serve me & help me get to where I am going. Nurture and create each step towards my path, weave the web of success and excellence. Do the work. & your work will support you, and others. My path will be fruitful and abundant and supported if I can get out of my own way. Learn look deeper inward, channel intuition, relax & move forward into this journey with the mind of the fool, of the child. No fear, no looking back, just taking the steps as they come.

My reading was powerful. Energizing. It was everything I needed to shift my perspective & make the most of my current situation.

She hooked me up with a flower essence blend & sent me on my way with good vibes & confidence.

Raven and all the folks at ritual craft are amazing, I can’t recommend them enough if you are in need of any & all things witchy…

What’s to come

Tonight is the new moon. The new moon is time for a fresh start, a time to look inward, to rest & restore. Rebirth is the energy. Tonight I will meditate & manifesting the changes I seek, working on my mentality to draw greatness in vs shove it away. I am ready for the newness…new lifestyle, new career…same dream. New perspective.

A new moon ritual:

Grab a pen & a notebook, a cup of herbal tea & some incense or sage.

Take a moment to sit comfortably, soften, breathe. Start to shift your focus a little bit deeper inward.

Write down a list of things you need to release in your life…negative though patterns, self destructive tendencies…you can free write even. If there is a particular situation preoccupying your mind, wasting your energy, write out how you are feeling. Write down anything that you need to let go of. Get it out there into the universe. re-read it all…and then burn the list. Let that shit go.


Write down a second list, this one is much more detailed. This list or plan or essay…will draw in the good. Meditate on your vision, what you want…write down the details of exactly how you see this vision. Focus greatly on the positivity, the good coming. We are cultivating and harnessing the power of the law of attraction.

Once you have spent time on this list, meditated on your goals, wishes, dreams & desires.
Fold the paper up, and put it under your pillow. Read it every night before you go to bed, and if you want it bad enough, read it first thing in the morning too. Making this manifestation a part of your daily thoughts, your daily meditations…engraving this vision into your being.

Do this until the full moon. (10/5) On the night of the full moon, check in with yourself. keep the paper to re-read again. I store mine in between the pages of my journal to reflect and remind myself of exactly what my purpose is.

Rebirth. Transformation.
A phoenix rising from the ashes,

A caterpillar to a butterfly,

A snake shedding its skin…


All of the symbols of transformation, bring forth the new. In order to become new, we have to let go of the old. A phoenix burns to ashes before it can rise again. A caterpillar dies to become a butterfly, a snake loses a layer of itself…

None of the process is easy or glorious or effortless.

It’s beautiful, its painful, its exhausting…& always worth it.


Think about anything you’ve ever set out to accomplish. You’ve never failed. You’ve learned. Your success rate for being exactly where you are meant to be is 100%

Don’t give up. you’ve got this. You can be and do anything. you are limitless. fearless. capable.

When you find your authentic, true path…you will be supported.


Learning to ebb & flow & trust. 


New moon, New me…and all that comes along with it.

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