Meditate every damn day

Happy Monday! Today is a day filled with productivity. Although I am feeling under the weather physically, this is a great time to get shit done mentally. 

YouTube video coming atcha today! Let go flow! .



Today is also the beginning of something new for me. 

I am currently reading the seven spiritual laws of success by @deepakchopra 

In this book, he mentions meditation quite a bit. 

Meditation is something I struggle with, stillness for me is difficult. I put it off in any way I can truthfully. 

Ideally, one should meditate for thirty minutes twice a day. 

I am going to work up to thirty minutes…

But lately I’ve been craving meditation & stillness …

All signs point to tuning in and looking inward, and I feel it. 

Beyond a physical, moving meditation … I need stillness. 

So starting today, I am committing to 30 days of meditation twice a day. Hoping that within these 30 days, I will have worked myself up to 30 minutes twice a day, and develop a daily practice I can stick with. 

I will be blogging about my journey ! So tune in with me & join if you want! .

Here it is, day 1/30 .


How do you find peace & stillness amongst the chaos of life? How do you tap into your creativity and intuition? 

Comment below! I’d love to hear 

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