I am not a teacher

I am not the teacher. Let’s get this straight. You are not my “student” you are not beneath me & I am not above anyone. We are the same. I know nothing more about anything than you do…

I live and breathe a path. And with this path has come obstacles. I can share with you what has worked for me to overcome and flow around these obstacles…

I can show you what I have learned about my personal journey and with my personal experiences. Maybe I can even offer you a light, a perspective that may guide you to a place where you discovery everything you’re looking for on your own..

But ultimately, the work is up to you.

The exploring, healing, breathing and moving are all up to you. And you can take whatever journey or path or transition you’d like to get there.

I like to think that by guiding a flow, a movement, I am simply doing that. Just guiding. I have nothing to teach you, but if you look inward, you have a lot to teach you.

By getting out of your head and into a free-flowing space of tuning into your own freedom, creativity and intuition on your mat…you are able to do the same in simple and challenging moments alike, off your mat.

The more you tune into you

The more you learn to listen to you

The more you can come back to you

You are you own greatest teacher.

I’m just the guide…

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