What if…

Move like WaterFueled by breath

Result = flow state .



Interesting topic in the Yoga world…in any world of movement really.

Why do we associate progress/growth/power with

Being uncomfortable/painful/hard/ tension?

I spent so much time powering and burning through life to seek freedom from tension, but because everything I was doing cultivated tension, it all was just building up

Versus going away

– the exact antithesis of what the practice of yoga is meant to do.

What if, instead of burning/pushing/forcing

We made space, we used our bodies most effectively versus used out bodies the most

We got to the same point

With half the effort? .

Lately, I have been looking into concepts like “wu wei” a taosist belief that it is possible

By doing less, you are doing more.




“The goal of spiritual practice for the human being is, according to Lao Tzu, the attainment of this purely natural way of behaving, as when the planets revolve around the sun. The planets effortlessly do this revolving without any sort of control, force, or attempt to revolve themselves, thus engaging in effortless and spontaneous movement.” .


Nature, science, the universe functions this way. A natural, effortless motion, by being you are doing and by doing you are achieving.

Nothing is forced. Rigid. Tense. It flows, it is effortless.

This is our natural state of existence too…we have been conditioned to value tension, there is no pain, then no gain. If You don’t suffer, you learn nothing.

Growth and challenge

Are not synonymous for

Enlightenment and suffering.

Do challenges come? In Yoga, our bodies, our life? Of course.

But instead of double doing- fighting tension with tension…

What if we began the practice of letting tension go

With ease?

What if growth comes from

The exploratory, beginner mindset? Utilizing our bodies and minds with effortless ease

To achieve our goals

Versus forcing our way to greatness?

But letting greatness come to you?

Do less to

Do more

I know this concept goes against the grain of everything we think we know…

But who made the rules anyway??









Enjoy a little ease with your day today

Less than 10 minutes

To unwind

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