Probability vs Posibility 

This past week I spent a lot of time training for my new career as a lululemon educator. During this training week, I experienced one of the most amazing days I’ve had yet with lululemon Denver-highlands crew. We spent a lot of time focusing on goals and visions- which as you know, I love to manifest. I love to journal, meditate, visualize. You name it.




Yesterday though, was eye opening. Lauren, one of the ASMs training us, lead us through a visualization technique, followed by a goal “map”? For lack of a better word.

The goal mapping is what blew my mind most.

She said, if you think about your goals for the next year, 5 years, 10 years, and they don’t excite you & scare the fuck out of you, then it’s not a goal. Your goal should make you feel a true sense of urgency. Right now I need to go work on THAT because in a year?? Fuck. I have a lot to do. A goal should light a fire under your ass, not make you feel like “I’ve got this. This is totally doable”

So if you’re manifesting. And shooting for goals, and you feel comfortable?

Then your goals are not audacious enough…
” audacity: the willingness to take bold risks.”

– key words here, BOLD & RISKS




Probability: How likely something is to happen based on past experiences, data, research.

Possibility: a chance that something might exist, happen, or be true.

Likelihood vs a chance

Basing future outcomes on past outcomes
Taking a chance/risk that this might happen
“If you don’t fail 50 percent of the time you aren’t trying hard enough”
Failure is a part of growth. Change. Goals and visions.
If you spend your time basing your future potential off of the fear of failing, you remain in your comfort zone and you make the conscious choice to live with mediocrity- I was successful in the past when it comes to (this) so I see that I can do it again. But if all you ever do is what you have already done….then what are you really doing?!
When you choose to dream big, and I mean HUGE, you take a chance, you risk failing, you learn and grow. When you have audacious goals you are making room for big shit to happen.

I sat down and looked at what I wrote down. And my goal for next year made me feel confident, and like it was possible.

I was shooting from a place of probability- because the likelihood that I will accomplish this based on my past experiences is high- I was not aiming towards something from a place of possibility- a place where literally ANYTHING is possible – so what is your goal??




I scrapped it. And I haven’t been able get that moment out of my head.

I feel like I may need to really sit down and dream bigger, reach higher, and shoot for bigger…more audacious shit.

Coasting on confidence isn’t going to get me very far…

But working on something that might even terrify me to accomplish?

That’s huge.

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