the power of manifesting & trusting the journey

my goal for 2017 was to hone in on developing a community, focus 100% on my career, and truly discover exactly what it is I am meant to do…my life path…or at least have a clue.

Prior to really diving deep into exactly what my “life path” is, I made a list of words that inspired me.

1/1/17 Life Path Inspirational Words

  • purpose
  • passion
  • yoga
  • fitness
  • fun
  • health
  • wellness
  • entrepreneur
  • inspire others
  • motivate
  • strala yoga
  • community
  • heal
  • move
  • grow
  • connect

the list went on…about 500 words total. These, however are the words I kept coming back to. The words that spoke the most to me.

I made a habit, during my meditation & times of stillness time to re-read this list. A few months later I made a vision board incorporating these words. I added photos and quotes, tons of inspirational stuff to draw in these words, these attributes I was (still am)  inspired by.

from these words, grew visions, and from these visions, a goal…a few goals…first vague, then everything came into focus.
aside from just writing down words, meditation & creating vision boards, I journal my thoughts/visions/goals. I read my journals all the time…just another way to stay in tune with what it is I want to bring to life, or to look back and maybe even think “thank goodness THAT vision didn’t work out…I want no part in that now!”  it’s great looking back after the fact & feeling so much gratitude that something you once wanted so badly, is not even a thought anymore. The relief of past failures can be incredible, the weight lifted when something doesn’t work out…
but in the moment it can also feel devastating. This is where Trust comes in.
Trust that each failure is a stepping stone to excellence & a huge lesson learned…each failure is just setting you up for future success.

What you think about, you bring about. What you bring about will grow.


I am a manifester. It’s what I do and it’s how I work; If I want something, I get it. That is not an arrogant statement, as in effortlessly things I want magically appear for me.
I mean, when I set my intentions on a goal, I am able to achieve it. I manifest it.

My manifestations begin with a goal or a vision of  what I want. As you see in the list above, it doesn’t have to be this detailed, specific image right off the bat- it can evolve as you evolve… Looking at this year, what I committed to doing for myself in terms of my goals and visions for my career has finally come full circle…

I have been trying to work my way into Lululemon for 3 years.
I let go of the attachment of [lululemon] about a year ago, I interviewed (for like the 5th time) and didn’t make it past the group interview (again) So I let that shit go.
unintentionally-intentionally, I was manifesting everything that makes up the position that I wanted at Lululemon … Without being so attached to one thing, I started to manifest & visualize everything else that forms Lululemon like, community, entrepreneurship, FUN, yoga, connecting, inspiring… & so much more.

To be clear, letting go of attachment & giving up are two completely different mentalities.
TRUST. that if you want something bad enough, you will make it happen…because you have the power to make it happen, TRUST that when something doesn’t work out, there is a reason. TRUST in timing, circumstances…just trust. Looking back, I am SO grateful the past opportunities did not work out. a LOT has happened in my life & a lot has changed, and the timing would have just been off. I needed the steps between January 2017 and October 2017, I needed the lessons and the experience. I never gave up on working for this company, I had to let go of the attachment of it all.

“Holding on to anything is like holding on to your breath. You will suffocate. The only way to get anything in the physical universe is by letting go of it. Let go & it will be yours forever”. – Deepak Chopra

Here’s why meditation & manifestation go hand in hand…
meditation plugs you into you. You tap into the intuitive, creative aspect of yourself, and you begin to listen to your feelings versus following your thoughts. You quiet the mind to make space for sensation, vision, answers…The more you are able to identify these “gut feelings” intuitive vibes, or moments of truth during meditation, the more you are able to carry those moments into your day to day life.

a total of 6 group interviews in three years later…I finally got a call back for individual interviewing!
A few days later…When I received my offer letter from Lululemon I cried & screamed & jumped for joy. The feeling I had when I read the letter was the feeling I felt each day I meditated on my goals and visions. I can’t explain it other than a deep sensation of YES.. completely overwhelmed with gratitude & excitement & fulfillment. Something I have never felt from any other opportunity come my way before. Since I have been a part of this company, everything I have been manifesting and visualizing is coming full circle. I receive signs daily reiterating the YES-sensation I have been searching for…making clear to me that the timing, the lessons, the perceived failures…its all been leading me to this. right here, right now. and damn, it feels so good.

I am now involved in a career path where every day I am connecting with people, I am surrounded by a community of inspiring individuals, I am immersed in fitness, yoga, health & wellness..I have fun & I am encouraged to be an entrepreneur.
I am grateful for every failure that lead me to where I am right now, because it is exactly where I am meant to be.

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