Who made the rules


I am grounded.

Manifesting. Visions. Goals. Authenticity. Honoring your path. Self discovery… all themes that have been reoccurring for me over the past few months. Lately though, the energy of authenticity & self discovery have been digging at me;

My goal is to use social media to connect and inspire –

Part of my connection method is meditation & sharing my thoughts and experiences. I am tapping into my free & rebellious nature more and more…

Now, I  am feeling the call to use social media to connect and inspire through freedom and rebellion …

“Who Made the rules? ”

– @tarastiles

a quote I  keep coming back to. a quote I have written down almost everywhere.

Every day  I scroll through social media and I see beautiful instayogis striking poses half naked in the name of some brand or ad or product. I  love these yogis and so does social media. But this type of insta yogi is not me…

I don’t want to wear less clothing and take a photo doing a circus pose advertising a product.

I don’t want to have 100k followers + and share nothing but product themed messages.

I care more about having ten followers I can truly connect with versus thousands of people who simply like the shapes I make with my body.

I  practice moving with ease. Doing what feels good. And if an extreme shape feels good, then hell yeah! I  feel fucking great practicing forearm stands and deep back bends …a press to handstand feels natural, and easy then I am going to do it. But you won’t catch me forcing my way into a pose because it’s a popular with tons of hashtags…

For a while, I  played the insta-Yoga game. My intention has always been to connect – I just went about it all wrong…all wrong for ME.




I  don’t care about these made up rules of Yoga- you must correct alignment and try really really hard and be as flexible and as strong and unnaturally possible.

I  don’t care about the rules of social media- I’m not going to sell my self to a brand or product just because.

I work for the only brand I care about & this brand directly correlates to my personal core values.

But I’m not going to host Yoga challenges in thongs for brands I don’t care about.

And to anyone reading this who may be offended, you do you. This isn’t about you really, this is about remaining authentic and breaking rules and just doing the damn thing the way you want to do things.
If you enjoy doing rigid tense Yoga in thongs posing for companies to gain numbers then by all means. Do it. If that’s authentic to your nature, keep on keeping on.
But today I am grounded in exactly what I will stand for which is going against the grain and doing whatever the fuck I want to do.

I encourage you to do the same. In your own authentic nature.

I will continue to practice movement

Not poses

And ease

Not rigidity

And I will continue to be a pioneer for living life the way I want to live life and defining health in whatever way speaks to me and going against the norm in anyway I can & form real raw connections.
This feels good.
From today on, I aim to capture movement and ease in photos


I aim to connect with like minded rule breaking rebels

& I aim to not give any fucks about what anyone thinks about all of this.


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