Pro tip

#protip if you’re in a bad mood just go outside. Take a few deep breaths.

Whether it’s sunny or rainy or warm or cold. Just step outside. For extra relief, walk a bit into some trees, if you have some trees, or a body of water near by…you’re in luck. That’s the goldmine of nature’s feel good remedies.

For extra good vibes – invert & kick your shoes off (Yes, I have done this in the snow)

Doesn’t take long before you’re reminded how insignificant life’s problems really are… nature is an instant-perspective shift for me.

Even standing on my back porch in the freezing cold, a few deep breaths and my problems melt away. .



“If you have life-centered, present-moment awareness, then the imaginary obstacles – which are more than 90% of perceived obstacles – disintegrate and disappear.”

– @deepakchopra



Ps can you tell who my favorite author is?

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