“Sarah uplifts the spirit & grounds the mind guiding steady breath & encouraging focused, expressive flow. Grateful for her kind, compassionate nature, she is truly passionate & effective at sharing this lifestyle & love of yoga with us!” -Stacey Vogues :: Florida 

“Sarah is amazing! Her voice and tone have a way of making me feel like I’m doing the right thing. She allows everyone to see what their soul already knows. ” – Kim Buzzworthy :: South Carolina

” Sarah is not only professional, but knowledgeable, kind, caring, loving, and beautiful a human. It is obvious that this is her-her lifestyle and not ‘just a job’. She caters to your needs and experience level and doesn’t have a judgmental bone in her body. I recommend her instruction for any and everyone, you won’t be disappointed! “

– Rachael Stiles :: South Carolina 

” Sarah’s enthusiasm and positive energy is infectious! “- Mike Taylor co-founder of Strala Yoga :: New York

” Sarah taught me that nothing compares to the peace of being yourself. & that breathing changes everything. Oh! And that I should do more yoga! ” Melissa Malesich:: South Carolina

. . . . . . . . . . . .

” Sarah touches the hearts of each and every person in her class. She is a bundle of joy to be around and inspires others to be the best person they can be ” – Samantha Kusher :: Colorado

” I’ve known Sarah only for a short while and she has already inspired me so much. I’m super shy and she has this way of making you feel warm and at home while your in her presence. I recently took one of her YouTube classes and it was just what I needed. When I started it I wasn’t  in a good place emotionally. I’d had a bad start to my day and I just wanted to lay in bed and feel my sadness. Her soothing voice and gentle movements are so healing. I had tears forming in my eyes and she made me feel like it was ok to let go. The confidence in her voice makes me know things are going to be ok. ” – Stevie Morris :: Colorado

” Sarah is a warrior woman from her contagious drive to her energetic smile. There simply needs to be more Sarahs. ” – Clare Bochy:: Colorado

” Sarah has the sweetest energy that shines through in anything she does. ” – Irene Pappas ; @fitqueenirene/ Bodhi Movement  :: Colorado

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

” Sarah has been such a lovely addition to our instructor team at Better Buzz Yoga! She brings an amazing energy to our space, sharing her creative, intuitive and compassionate flows. I am so grateful she is part of our community and that our path’s crossed when they did. ” – Jaime Sense; Owner of Better Buzz Yoga :: Denver, Colorado

” Sarah was SO patient and encouraging for me who is one whose practice is far from textbook!. She showed me how to maximize the benefits of yoga under my limitations and made the classes so enjoyable with her charisma and wit. ” – Gib Settle :: South Carolina

“It’s wonderful when you are lucky enough to have someone so honest and authentic in your life such as Sarah. She isn’t “into yoga” because it’s trendy. She isn’t vegetarian because it’s the thing to try right now. She lives these things and more because it is who she is! She has a great and funny personality and makes yoga accessible to people in all stages of life and fitness levels. I’m so very proud of her and all she’s accomplished so far!! I can’t wait to see what’s next for her ” – Lisa Koon :: South Carolina